Trade #

Most interstellar trade and shipping is carried out by immense freighters, contracted by the Guilds. However, small independent vessels can turn a regular profit by speculating on expensive goods, buying low and selling high.

There are four broad categories of trade goods, each corresponding to one world attribute. Use the table below to determine the local price of a trade good category. Goods in demand on a world cost 4d6 credits per load. Goods on a supplying world cost 2d6. Average-priced goods cost 3d6.

A character with the buisiness skill may add or subtract their skill rank to the price of goods. Only one character may apply their skill to a good, and each character may only affect one good per week.

Crime sometimes pays. Double all costs when buying and selling contraband.

Prices fluctuate, but not quickly. If the crew waits for one week, they may re-roll a single die of the good’s price. They may continue to do this, re-rolling one die per week as long as they like. They will continue to pay docking fees, and may incur attention from authorities if they are sitting in a hangar with a hold full of contraband.

Specific trade goods are detailed by the referee. For particularly valuable goods, apply a multiplier to all prices.

Trade Good Prices #

World Attribute Trade Good Category Attribute Rank 1–2 Attribute Rank 3–4 Attribute Rank 5–6
Habitability Organics Demand Average Supply
Population Cultural Demand Average Supply
Authority Contraband Supply Average Demand
Technology High Tech Demand Average Supply